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3-in-1 Smart Box Grater


Handy tool with 3 quick click plates, a catch-all box and ergonomic grip

3-in-1 Smart Box Grater is perfect for little jobs!

When you just need to prepare small amounts, using your family size equipment to grate, peel or shred is a whole lot more cleaning and wastage than it’s worth. This super mini box grater is designed for quick use any time. The tools all store away safely inside the box, and it has a hanging hook to keep it handy.

3 quick click tools and a catch-all box make grating, peeling and shredding quick and easy!

The AnySharp 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater has three function plates. Grate. Peel. Shred. High quality stainless steel blades make every task effortless, and the handy shape lets you grip the whole box securely, with the cutting surface facing safely away from your moving hand. This wonderful gadget comes apart simply for easy cleaning, and is dishwasher safe.


AnySharp is Safer by Design


Catch Safe Box

Catch everything, use everything. Less handling, more hygiene. The versatile box can also be used for catching waste. Either way, it’s a mess-free experience.

Safe Secure Grip Shape

The easy grip shape lets you move the tool over the food. Hands don’t touch the food, and certainly don’t touch the cutting tools as with normal graters, shredders and peelers. Stainless steel blades work easily, with minimum pressure and effort, for safer, accident free food prep.



Blades store away safely

The Smart Box plates can all fit inside the catch safe box, so blades are safely out of the way.


Quick, simple, and easy to clean

The 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater is a compact and versatile tool ideal for preparing small quantities of ingredients. When you’re just making a snack or cooking for two, there is simply no better tool for grating, peeling and shredding without all the burden of endless cleaning.


Store it easily and conveniently out of the way

Since it is so small, the AnySharp 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater can be easily tidied away in a drawer or cupboard when not in use. It also has a large hanging point, so you can keep it handy if desired.


Ecological, money-saving

The AnySharp 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater is perfect for small jobs where a full size tool is simply too much. Less mess, less washing, less waste.


Product Lifetime Warranty

The AnySharp 3-in-1 Smart Box Grater is perfect for small jobs
where a full size tool is simply too much. Less mess, less washing,
less mess.

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